Serkan Cura

Like a bird on a wire

«I   only come here for the fabrics!”, swears Serkan Cura as he steps into a shop of the Saint-Ouen flea market. “That’s what he always says, and then he leaves with a bag full of trimmings”, whispers the bemused shop owner. Indeed, the young designer stops to fiddle with rooster tail feathers here, deep-tyed python skins there... “Last year’s shoe collection owes everything to these exotic leathers I found here.”
That sparkle in his eyes has been shining since he was 13, an age when one falls in love for the first time. Serkan Cura was love struck seeing a bird of paradise, and the fire is still burning. His passion for feathers started at the Brussels flea market, on the nearby Jeu-de-balle square, where he liked to escape away from school. Serka remembers falling head over heels for this exotic bird, and later spending all his savings on a book about hats, which he also bargain-hunted on a Brussels market. It all went very fast, spearheaded by the desperate need to learn how to saw and to diversify his techniques: the first jean, the first hat collection at age 14, and then lingerie, corsets, fur, etc. “I used to undo clothes to understand how they were conceived, elaborated, and then sew them back up…” His fast-paced way of talking betrays a boundless enthusiasm when it comes to couture, corsets, feathers, birds… Serkan knows he is a chatterbox and he enjoys it...

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