Marché Dauphine

Set alongside the rue des Rosiers, and built on the eponymous passage Dauphine, the luminous Dauphine Market is covered with a large glass ceiling in the Baltard style. Since its inauguration in 1991, its two levels have housed eclectic and edgy goods, services and a unique exhibition space. The large boutiques are spread on the ground floor, while a variety of stalls can be found along the wooden upstairs walkway. Since 2013, it is impossible not to stumble upon a large orange flying saucer set in heart of the market. The imposing fibreglass Maison Futuro, conceived in 1968 by Finish architect Matti Surone, is actually a 650 sq ft house. A time travel machine, which reflects the market’s wish to have the visitor stroll from yesterday’s objects to tomorrow’s fantasies.
Bric a brac inventory
Unique and lively, the Dauphine market takes pride in its expertise and has specialized in edgy stalls, exhaling the sweet smell of the future. “The carefully chosen dealers know their product well”, says market manager Béatrice Mellet. “We try to select as many specialists as possible, to have a diversified market reflecting the spirit of the Puces.” Upstairs, the first section of bookshops includes experts in comics, books on art, cinema and photography, magazines and autograph letters... A vintage HI-FI stall, a groundbreaker in its category, is now included in the music section which gathers more than ten experts in vinyl records and HI-FI equipment. “This attracts a lot of collectors. On the ground floor, there are more antique dealers, specialists in lights, in pop culture, and other experts. We aim at being specialists while remaining authentic”, adds Beatrice Mellet. This power of influence combined with expertise attract both amateurs and professionals from various industries (entertainment, fashion, decoration, art...). And the market’s manager swears by its well ingrained eclecticism: “We try to open up to contemporary art with a few galleries, whilst keeping the classical and contemporary balance. The classical galleries are side by side with young fresh-eyed dealers, whom today’s clientele can relate to”.

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jamin rubio