The MAP (French abbreviation for Flea Market: "Marché Aux Puces")

The Flea market possesses a unique atmosphere and an enchanting cultural image. This crossroad steeped in history can generate, on varied initiative fields, new economic spinoffs for everyone: antique dealers, storekeepers, designers, artisans and artists.

The MAP is an association (under the law of 1901) whose purpose is to think about the structure, the services and the culture of the Flea Market. Together, owners, presidents, managers, associations, artists, restaurant owners and carriers represent its framework and its legitimacy. 

It is a responsible and an attentive relay that works with communities and partners. 
Efficient and innovative, the MAP includes in its status a transparency charter, an information note, a media control, a readable balance sheet, a rotating presidency and an active assembly.

This commitment shows a willingness to cooperate with every actor of the Flea Market.