Marché Malassis

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Since 1989, the innovative architecture and the huge dome of the Marché Malassis have become the entrance of the Saint-Ouen Puces. It quickly reinforced its positions and its originality. The alleyways partly covered invite us on the ground floor and on the first floor to stroll back in time, from the 18th century to the new design period: the ideal atmosphere to discover this market. It also provides large volumes equipped in a spirit of “gallery” where small stalls overflow with furniture and items... The hundred of merchants established in Malassis created in this new market a unique ambiance on the Puces.

The antique dealers and decorators: These antique dealers have the talent to find furniture or even unusual items, to restore them and to put them in an atmosphere they create according to the inspiration of the moment. They mix with brio waxed furniture or furniture with restored patina, funny items or objects not used as originally intended and transformed them as erotic, baroque or neoclassic decorations sometimes a bit contemporaries.

Thematic shops: some antique dealers especially love a period and its style linked to a certain type of lifestyle. We can particularly list the oriental stalls, tableware, bar furniture, maritime items, a writer’s library or an artist’s studio, the collectors (watchs, toys, postcards etc.), beaded trimmings and jewels... It’s a real, unexpected and fun Prévert-style inventory to discover or rediscover.

The 20th century is widely represented on the Marché Malassis:
- uncluttered furniture from the 30s and 40s with balanced volumes thanks to the precious wood
- items from the 50s using with brio new materials
- very design furniture from the 70s produced by an intense and creative effervescence. 

After strolling along the alleys, the visitor emerges a bit disoriented, as if he travelled...a quick, varied trip and full of happy encounters.

Contact details
Marché Malassis
85, rue des Rosiers
93400 St Ouen
Dominique Hersent, 

06 60 66 16 40

Opening hours
The market is open on:
• Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
• Mondays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm